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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Player’s Card?
The Player’s Card is a key tag card that all players are required to scan in prior to each activity.  Upon completion of a waiver and paying the card fee, each player’s information and photo is entered into our system and the card is issued. 

2.  What is the Player’s Card Fee?
The annual fee is $25 per player for an Individual Player's Card.

3.  Is there a Family Player's Card Rate?

Yes.  The annual fee is $35 for a Family Player's Card.  The Family Player's Card is valid for One Adult and Dependents ages 16 and under, who live in the same household.

4.  Why do I have to pay a fee for a Player’s Card?
The Player's Card fee is used to defray a small portion of rising operating costs including air-conditioning, heating, facility repairs and improvements.  Recent facility improvements include new league management system (MySAM), additional parking lot lighting, additional security cameras, new concessions area, resurfaced basketball court and rink resurfacing.

5.  Who needs a Player’s Card?
Player's Cards are required for all Adult and Youth Leagues, Classes and Camps.  This includes Lil Kickers, Tri-Sport Clinics, Basketball & Hockey Clinics, Summer Camps and Home School PE.  Activities that DO NOT require a Player's Card are:  Open Play, Birthday Parties, Roller Skating, Friday Night Out, Special Events, and Group Rentals. 

6.  When do I need to have my Player’s Card?
Player’s Cards are required with registration for all Leagues, Classes and Camps.

7.  When does my Player’s Card expire?
Your Player’s Card is valid for one full year from date of issue.  

8.  How do I purchase a Player’s Card?
Player’s Cards can be purchased by existing customers using   or through our website by clicking here.  You will be prompted to purchase a Player's Card before MySAM processes your League, Class or Camp payment. You can also purchase your Player's Card at Charlotte Sports Center, but purchasing online using MySAM is the fastest and easiest way.  Your photo is taken when you pick up your scan card at the Charlotte Sports Center front desk. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you DO NOT wait until the day of your first game to purchase your card.  If you wait, you may be delayed or miss your game entirely. No player will be allowed to play without a Player's Card.

9.  What happens if I forget my Player’s Card?
Please treat your Player’s Card as you would any other game essential.  All players are required to scan in prior to each game and having your card will allow you quick and easy access.

10.  What happens if I lose my card?
The replacement fee is $5.00. 

11.  Do I need a Player's Card to fill in for an injured player or if I’m a late addition to a team, class or camp?
Yes, every player is required to have a Player’s Card.  If your team has lost players due to injury or adds a player after the season begins, the new player is required to purchase a Player’s Card prior to their first game.

12.  Is my Player's Card accepted at other facilities?
Yes.  A valid Charlotte Sports Center Player's Card is accepted for Sports Connection programs, and a valid Sports Connection Player's Card is accepted for Charlotte Sports Center programs.

13.  What if a company or business pays for our league fee?  Do we still need a player’s card?
Yes.  Every player is required to have a valid Player's Card.  However, there is an option for a "Single Season Team Rate" that includes the cost of a single season Player's Card for each player.  The Single Season Player's Cards expire at the end of that season and all players are still required to sign a waiver, have their information and photo entered into our system and scan in prior to each game.  Payment is due in FULL at the time of registration for the Single Season Team Rate, NO EXCEPTIONS.  No deposits will be accepted and the maximum number of players per team does not change.  Single Season Team Rates that include Player's Cards are:

                                      Price                      Max # of Players on roster
Volleyball                              $449                                       12
                Basketball                            $649                                       15
                Flag Football                       $799                                       15
                Soccer                                  $799                                       15
                Inline Hockey                       N/A                                          N/A


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